wild ride

May 2017

Bradley Tusk talks with bestselling Author and veteran Fortune journalist, Adam Lashinsky, to discuss his latest book, 'Wild Ride: Inside Uber's Quest for World Domination' in this week's episode of Firewall.


May 2017


The future of cannabis

May 2017

What do you think the election of Trump and the appointment of Sessions will have on the timeline of cannabis legalization? What should we make of the trend of incorporating cannabis into cooking? What does the latest research into the impact of cannabis on the sick say? Will California will meet the January 2018 deadline to launch recreational? Bradley Tusk discusses the future of cannabis with Matt Gray, Founder and CEO of HERB, in this week's episode of Firewall.

It's the sharing economy, stupid

April 2017

Silicon Valley, organized labor, policymakers, reporters and pundits, academics and more have been focused on the "sharing economy" for years. What is it? Is it going away? What does it mean for workers? Is it really “evil"? Arun Sundararajan, author of the “The Sharing Economy," joins Firewall to discuss all of these questions and what the future of the American workforce might look like.

Stop networking so much

March 2017

Is there any type of networking that’s useful? What are the differences between Israeli startup culture and Silicon Valley? What works well in venture capital? Thoughts on cannabis tech? Bradley Tusk talks with Michael Eisenberg, Venture Capitalist and Equal Partner at Aleph, about what it takes to be resilient in the VC world.

Think Trump is radical? Check out these ideas to reform sports. A discussion with Tim Brosnan.

March 2017

Legalize steroids? Free agency every year? Hostile takeovers of bad teams? Is the NFL dying? Bradley Tusk talks professional sports reforms with Tim Brosnan, former CEO of MLB Enterprises, in this episode of Firewall.

Meatloaf politics

February 2017

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni joins Bradley to discuss everything from his new book “Meatloaf in Every Oven” to the funnel effect of Ivy League schools, and of course: President Trump. Michaela Balderston returns to the podcast to talk partisan politics on day 25 of Trump’s presidency as a Category 5 hurricane named “Russia” bears down on Washington, D.C.

day 12

February 2017

Bradley discusses Trump’s tumultuous first few days in the White House and how the Democrats should react to his policies and SCOTUS pick with Michaela Balderston and interviews former human rights lawyer and hedgefund CEO Eric Blinderman about his take on the administration's new immigration ban and how his work will inevitably change in the era of Trump.

what does trump mean for tech?

January 26

Firewall host, Bradley Tusk, sits down to talk with Steve Hilton, former director of strategy for David Cameron and CEO of tech start-up Crowdpac, and Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code founder to explore the impact of the Trump Administration on the future of technology and regulations.