Bradley tusk

Bradley Tusk is the founder and CEO of Tusk Holdings, the parent company of Tusk Strategies, Tusk VenturesKronos Archives, the Ivory Gaming Group and Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies.

Tusk Strategies develops and runs multi-jurisdictional campaigns, working for Fortune 500 companies like Google, Walmart, AT&T and Expedia, media companies like AMC, NBC News, The Weather Channel, Discovery and Cablevision, institutions like Stanford University, and individuals like Mike Bloomberg. Tusk Ventures both helps tech-enabled startups navigate the political and regulatory environment and syndicates early stage investments, working with companies like Uber, General Assembly, and Zendrive.

Kronos Archives designs and builds bespoke, comprehensive digital archives for high net worth individuals and institutions like the Rockefeller Foundation. The Ivory Gaming Group develops and manages casinos around the globe, handling operations and marketing. And the Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies runs and funds advocacy campaigns on hunger issues at the state and local level across the United States, working with groups like Share Our Strength, Benefits Data Trust and Robin Hood.

Prior to creating Tusk Strategies in 2010, Bradley served as Mike Bloomberg’s campaign manager, guiding Mayor Bloomberg to a third term. Before that, he created and ran Lehman Brothers’ lottery privatization group. His career in the public sector began at the New York City Parks Department in 1995, acting as spokesman and then senior advisor to Commissioner Henry Stern. Bradley then served as Communications Director for U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, before becoming Special Advisor to Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall. From 2003-2006, Bradley was Deputy Governor of Illinois, overseeing the state’s finances, operations, legislation, communications and policy, including a $60 billion budget and a 57,000-person workforce.

Bradley received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995 and a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School in 1999. He serves on the boards of Creative Time, StoryCorps, and the New York Advisory Board of the Trust for Public Land.